Our Smart Design is reflected in your Smart Home

“Smart Design Lives Here”… It’s Vericon Communities’ pledge and promise and the hallmark of all our projects. And everywhere you look, it’s evident in River Valley. Our next-level comfort, convenience and security package ensures that your new Modern Brownstown caters to your needs and your lifestyle.

We have partnered with TELUS to provide every River Valley homeowner with a thoughtfully addressed and smartly implemented SmartHome automation package that takes your enjoyment and peace of mind to new heights!

The standard River Valley SmartHome package includes:

  • An integrated Touchscreen Control Panel with 2 Way Voice Control.

  • A Doorbell Camera that fully interacts with your visitors and provides recorded footage, even remotely.

  • A Smart Door Loock that can be operated remotely and can be accessed with special time sensitive codes that you provide if you are expecting deliveries or visitors.

  • A Smart Thermostat that is not only fully programmable, it can be adjusted from anywhere. Now you can respond to a Calgary Chinook (or freeze) in real time!
  • A Smart Garage Opener that operates from anywhere. Instant reassurance.

  • A Motion Sensor and Door Contacts that will alert you if entrances have been opened or motion detected in your home.

  • And most importantly – A single App that unifies all these components into one, easy-to-use comfort, convenience and security package. Did we say next level?

TELUS offers the ability to expand this package with additional devices, controllers and smartphone speakers. As a special bonus for River Valley homeowners, we are pleased to offer the full Telus monitoring and guard-response package for only $25 per month on a three-year contract. Clearly, Smart Design Lives at River Valley!